How to Become a Member

If you are at least 18 years of age, then you can register here. Here you will be asked to fill out a register form. Your personal data such as email, name and street address are kept private. Information such as your age, height and City/County/state will be visible to other members. It is so members can search for other members.

Features Available for Members

Once registered and logged in, you will have access to your profile options menu. Here you will be access to the following options:

  • View your profile.
  • Edit your profile.
  • Upload profile picture.
  • Upload gallery picture.
  • View messages and instant chat.
  • Change settings.
  • Search for other members.
  • Let out Astromatch tool find love for you.

Website Help & FAQ’s

If you need any help with AstroDate you can contact the Administrator. Or read some of the Frequently Asked Questions Below.

Q: Who can Join AstroDate?

If you are 18 years of age or over, then you are welcome to join. Anyone from around the world can join AstroDate.

Q: Why Should I Join AstroDate?

Maybe the best way to answer this question is to ask you why you shouldn’t join. AstroDate is completely free to use. Once you have registered you will be able to message members locally or around the world. You can edit your profile, upload pictures, search members. Or use our unique AstroMatch tool.

Q: How do I Join AstroDate?

To search and message other members, you must first register. The register form only allows a minimum age of 18. There is no subscription fee to join, and no extra fees to unlock certain features. AstroDate is completely free to use. The register process allows you to create a profile for AstroDate. We only publicly display your age, height, and city/county/state. Your name, email, and street address if kept private.

Q: What is the AstroMatch tool?

The Astromatch tool is a unique feature to Astrodate. It recommends certain members to you, based on astrology. This is not done via your star signs, but a lot more in-depth then that.

Q: How do I Upload a Profile Picture?

There are two ways you can upload a profile picture. You can simply click your avatar, which takes you to the upload profile picture page. Or you can click on the “Upload Profile Picture” icon in your “Profile Options” page.

Q: How do I Upload a Profile Cover Picture?

A profile cover image is the image which surrounds your profile picture. We recommend you choose a picture which reflects a part of your personality, such as a hobby. To upload a cover picture, you can click on the “Upload Cover Picture” icon in your “Profile Options” page.

Q: How do I Upload more Images to my Profile?

Each user has a gallery, which allows up to 3 images. You can upload pictures to your gallery by clicking on the “Upload Gallery Picture” icon in your “Profile Options” page.

Q: How can I Delete my Profile from AstroDate?

Click on the “Account Settings” icon in your “Profile Options” page. Then click on the “Delete Account” button. This will completely wipe your profile, messages and images from the AstroDate database. I appreciate any feedback about this dating service. Please tell me what features you like, and things you will like to see improved.